Testimonials and Recommedations

Neil Whitfield, OSCAR Onsite Assesment


I have worked with Sarah over many years and I've always admired her business acumen, she is a very knowledable individual in all aspects of Sales & Marketing and I know she possesses an outstanding passion and understanding of what it takes to succeed.
She sees the larger vision and drives campaigns forward with commitment and dedication, having an excellent knowledge and perspective of marketing and a good feel for what is achievable has given her an excellent reputation amongst her peers. It's has always been a pleasure to work with Sarah.

Paul Sowerby, Director Group Sales and Marketing


I’m delighted that Sarah has asked me to write a recommendation because it gives me a chance to reflect on her rare talent mix. Her grasp of marketing and communication is quite exceptional and her ability to digest complex issues into Plain English and then convey them with originality and style is among the best I’ve encountered. But there’s more to it than that. As an experienced manager I’ve watched her display an engaging and accessible style while also being fearless in her business approach. She’s an enthusiastic supporter of colleagues and their projects and has earned respect from subordinates, peers and line managers. She is as comfortable in a large multi-disciplined environment as she is when helping to turn more modest marketing functions into respected creative powerhouses. She’d be a highly valuable asset. Don’t let her get away. 

Lee Marriott, Sales Marketing and Product Design


There are two things you want from a external maketier.... Results and Fun.

I have known Sarah for many years. her ability to deliver the goods whilst always smiling is unparalleled. professional till the end yet always making the process fun is a skill that we can all only wish for. 

Maria Kompanowski, Master Coach


I met Sarah at the Academy few months ago. right from the start Sarah came across as a very professional, highly skilled expert in her field of marketing. but there is so much more to Sarah, and that is her personality. A rare combination of passion for her profession and being a wonderful people's person. I highly recommend Sarah to Everyone. If you are looking for a true professional service talk to Sarah first.